Experience the Excitement of War of Destiny

War of Destiny is an exhilarating strategy game that follows the events of the popular War of Heroes. In this game, players can choose from over 100 different heroes from around the world. They are given the option to become the greatest hero and lead their kingdom for centuries or become the most destructive villain and bring about the end of times!

Unlike any MOBA game, the mobile game War of Destiny allows players to station themselves on both sides of the battlefield and fight to destroy their enemies' base.

War of Destiny: The Game Objective

In the game, players choose their faction – either the human race or the alien race. The objective is to defeat your enemies by capturing their main base and dominating the battlefield by attacking their base and defending your own.

How to Play the Game

The game is all about defending your nation by deflecting enemy attacks through building structures and defense systems and commanding your entire army to battle.

To build, simply click the edit mode button located in the bottom right corner of the game screen. From there, you can choose any buildings you want to construct based on three categories: Economy, Military, and Decoration. Once you've selected the building you want to construct, choose any available space on the screen to place your building. You can also upgrade buildings, apply bonus effects, sell resources, and view building details by tapping on them.

Missions or tasks can be found by clicking on the paper button on the left side of the screen. It usually has a title indicating your progress in the story, such as prologue, epilogue, or chapters.

Buildings can be moved at any time. To do so, simply tap on the building you want to move, select it, and drag it to your desired location. Each building will take up one spot, and the spots cannot overlap.

To construct roads, click on the construction list menu, choose roads to enter road construction mode, tap on the land to build roads, and you can create multiple road tiles anytime. You can remove constructed roads by tapping on them.

Certain buildings can have bonus effects when connected through roads. To activate it, roads should not be cut or disconnected from other buildings or structures. Just tap on the building and click the bonus effect button to see the specific requirements to activate the bonus effect.

You can view your account details by tapping on the avatar image. Your name, user ID, tagline, and status can be viewed and modified there.

When there's an attack, you will be notified by one of your troops. You can command them to fight by clicking on the avatar icon of your army and tapping on the direction you want to attack or engage in battle.

How to Download the Game

The game is available on both Android and iOS mobile devices. It's free to download and easy to find on the Google Play Store and App Store. Alternatively, you can simply click the links below:

Download War of Destiny on Android

Download War of Destiny on iOS

Steps to Create an Account in the Game

To create or link your account in the game, simply tap on the avatar icon, go to the account, and choose whether you want to use your Facebook account or Google account. Linking or binding your account in the game will help you avoid losing progress or characters if you decide to change your device. You can link any characters up to 2 third-party accounts, but you can only bind or link 2 characters per start from the same third-party account.

If it's your first time linking your account, you will receive 200 rutiles, the in-game currency that you can use for in-app purchases or upgrades.

Tips and Tricks for Playing the Game

There are many tips available for players to increase their chances of winning in War of Destiny. One way is by purchasing and upgrading units. This increases the likelihood of a player winning battles that ultimately lead to earning more in-game currency and experience points. Another tip is to participate in battles as often as possible, as it helps increase the player's level and overall experience in the game. Players should also play against friends or online opponents to gain access to new units and abilities.

According to Game Reviews, one of the most important things to remember when playing War of Destiny is not to spend more on unnecessary resources. It's better to concentrate on acquiring those resources and building up your characters and army rather than buying too many buildings or upgrades. If you're struggling, try manually upgrading your units on the battle map.

War of Destiny: Advantages and Disadvantages of the Game

War of Destiny is an amazing mobile game that immerses players in a futuristic war between the U.S and Russia. Aside from creating your own character, you also need to manage an army in this game. You can build bases and units, research new technologies, learn new skills, and control the battlefield using destructive weapons like laser guns and missiles. War of Destiny also offers intriguing options for character customization, allowing you to choose your skin color, eye color, hair color, facial features, and more.

One of the biggest concerns about this game, according to Game Reviews, is that some players have reported not enjoying their time playing due to high levels of tension, stress, and anxiety. The advantages and disadvantages of this game are a great way to learn about the world and different cultures. The game also has numerous missions that players must complete. To have a good chance of completing all the missions, you need to spend some time playing. War of Destiny is a mobile game that has sparked controversy among players, who have complained about the inability to watch ads in the game to get bonuses or rewards. Despite this, War of Destiny also offers many features that make it addictive to play. With countless weapons, numerous upgrades, and a PvP mode where players can use their skills to build their own army and battle against other players.


The game War of Destiny is a fun and highly thrilling adventure that will be a hit among all mobile gamers. The graphics are excellent, and the gameplay is truly enjoyable. You'll need to fight to survive, and the battles will become even more challenging as you progress in the game. As you can guess, this game has a wide variety of characters, so you'll find an avatar that suits your style.

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