Cover Orange 2 – Educational Game Review

Have you ever played a game that not only entertains but also challenges your mind? Look no further than Cover Orange 2, a puzzle platform game that will test your problem-solving skills while keeping you thoroughly engaged.

The Goal of Cover Orange

The primary objective of Cover Orange is to protect the helpless oranges from the dangerous acid rain. You must strategically stack items such as barrels, treasure chests, and bombs to shield the vulnerable fruits. These objects will provide cover and shield the oranges from the evil cloud. Be careful not to leave any gaps, as even the tiniest opening can allow the deadly rain to seep through.

Once you have positioned all the items and ensured the oranges' safety, the raincloud will arrive. Don't forget to collect the hidden stars in each level. Keep an eye out and make sure no stars go unnoticed on the screen.

Features of Cover Orange

Cover Orange offers over 300 unique levels and captivating puzzles. The game introduces new elements to keep you entertained, such as spike-balls, glass, and trampolines. It also allows for customization, with stories about pirates and time-traveling adventures. You can enjoy playing Cover Orange with your family, as the game is suitable for players of all ages.

The game even includes a dressing room where you can customize your orange's appearance according to your preferences.

Tips and Tricks for Mastering Cover Orange

To protect the oranges, make use of the available tools, such as wheels, blocks, barrels, and treasure chests. Drop these items from the top of the screen, timing their placement perfectly to cover the oranges. Utilize the bombs to position the objects in the right locations.

Don't hesitate to switch up the environmental elements. Once the items are in place, the rain will begin to fall, so quickly ensure everything is properly arranged to prevent the oranges from being hit.

Cover Orange utilizes a three-star scoring system. The first star is earned by completing the level, the second by completing it quickly, and the third by clicking on the star that appears in the background as the cloud passes by. It's easy to overlook the importance of the third star, as most players focus on ensuring the orange remains untouched by the rain. Strive to collect stars in all three ways to maximize your point potential.

Pros and Cons

While not drastically different from its predecessor, Cover Orange 2 adds fresh elements while maintaining the core gameplay that players know and love. The game introduces new levels, ranging from easy to challenging, and incorporates new features like spiked balls, glass, and trampolines for exciting gameplay.

You'll also notice subtle changes in the game's aesthetics, including new animations and animated background elements. However, it is the unique approach required for each level that truly captivates players. Each puzzle presents a distinct problem to solve, often challenging even the most experienced gamers. Although there are specific solutions, players can also discover alternative approaches to tackling the puzzles. The satisfaction of finding the right answer is truly rewarding.


Cover Orange 2 is not just a fun game; it also sharpens players' minds. It encourages a systematic approach and strategic thinking to solve the puzzles. With each level offering a different solution, players must continuously adapt their tactics. The game also fosters flexibility, as players must carefully consider how to utilize available resources and where they should be placed. The game's strict physics means that incorrect placement can lead to failure, so visualization and planning are essential.

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In today's era, when countless games are available at your fingertips, Cover Orange 2 stands out as a game that combines entertainment with mental stimulation. So why wait? Download the game and experience endless joy and excitement today!