Bendy And The Ink Machine Review


Bendy and The Ink Machine is not your ordinary survival horror game. It takes you on a spine-chilling adventure as Henry Stein, a retired animator. In this game, you'll face tasks such as fighting, collecting items, and solving puzzles. To understand the story, you'll need to listen to audio logs scattered throughout the game.

Unveiling Bendy's Dark Secrets

Henry returns to the animation studio where he used to work, only to discover that the entire place has been taken over by the animated characters he once created. Your mission is to escape the clutches of Joey Drew Studios and make it out alive.

The game consists of five chapters, each taking place on a different floor of the animation studio. And with a name like Bendy and The Ink Machine, it's important to get acquainted with Bendy himself. Bendy is a cartoon character created by Henry in the 1920s and served as the studio's official mascot.

Game Features of Bendy and The Ink Machine

When you first play Bendy and The Ink Machine, you'll be captivated by its 1930s cartoon-inspired graphics. The art style is reminiscent of Cuphead, but with a darker undertone due to its horror theme.

Another standout feature of the game is how you battle and interact with the ink-possessed cartoons. For instance, you'll need to hide when Bendy is chasing you. The game adds to the tension by playing eerie music as Bendy closes in. As for other characters like The Searchers and The Butcher Gang members, you have the option to use weapons such as a pipe, wrench, or even a tommy gun.

The storyline unfolds as you listen to audio recordings left behind by Joey Drew Studios' employees. The narrative structure is reminiscent of the game BioShock. By Chapter 4, you'll even have a “Seeing Tool” that reveals hidden messages.

Language-wise, Bendy and The Ink Machine is accessible to players who don't speak English. The game supports nine languages, with the interface and audio in English and subtitles available in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese.

Where to Download?

Tips and Tricks for Bendy and The Ink Machine

In each chapter, you'll come across punch clocks that serve as checkpoints. These clocks are more than just decorations—they save your progress, allowing you to continue from where you left off. You'll know you've hit a checkpoint when Bendy's face appears in the lower right corner of the screen.

Audio logs left behind by the studio's employees also play a crucial role, often providing clues to help you progress. However, once you've gathered the necessary information, you don't have to listen to the entire log.

For a higher score, be sure to collect bacon soup, golden radios, and additional audio logs hidden throughout the game.

Pros and Cons

Bendy and The Ink Machine excels in its visually stunning graphics. The 2D drawings in a 3D world are beautifully executed and capture the essence of 1930s cartoons. The artwork creates the perfect atmosphere for a horror game.

When it comes to gameplay, Bendy and The Ink Machine is simple to play, but don't mistake simplicity for lack of enjoyment. In fact, the straightforward controls enhance the overall experience. Unlike traditional horror games that rely on spooky background music, Bendy and The Ink Machine keeps you on edge as Bendy suddenly appears out of nowhere. The element of surprise is unpredictable, keeping you guessing.

While the game does feature some horror game clichés, it manages to bring fresh and unexpected scares to keep players thoroughly engaged.


At Mega Casino World, we believe that Bendy and The Ink Machine is an incredibly captivating game. Its immersive setting and enticing storyline are its standout features. The graphics are jaw-dropping, perfectly blending light-heartedness with the horror genre. The puzzles are enjoyable yet challenging, and the characters are expertly crafted, becoming dear to your heart. While Bendy and The Ink Machine might not be the scariest game out there, it provides an atmospheric and terrifying horror experience, comparable to Amnesia: The Dark Descent.